Pride of Possession

    c.78 pride in accomplishmentPride of Possession is one of the contributing facts to the huge debt load many carry. (Schooling and unforeseen medical expenses are being left out of this discussion.) Whether from word-of-mouth or an advertiser’s clever campaign, is irrelevant, once you become convinced possession of a certain tangible (which is much easier to quantify than possessing a certain something of character) makes you: stronger, richer, smarter, more successful, you’re going to want it. But if you haven’t the money to buy it outright to own, and you buy on credit, then having it in your possession is really a facade. Facades can come crashing down, disappear, or dissipate in an instant (as many have discovered these past few years).

    Waiting to own something, to make a full-payment purchase, takes time and patience — both of which seem to be rare commodities. Owning gives you peace of mind. It means you won’t have to look over your shoulder or hide your car in the garage so the Repo Man won’t find it, or worrying that falling behind on your mortgage payments will leave you homeless or out on the street.

    And while it’s frustrating to wait for something you want “right now,” it seems unlikely you value things when they come easy. As much as you moan & groan along the way, you probably appreciate far more that which took effort to achieve or acquire than that which came easy.

    Perhaps that’s why, when you admire something another created with ease, he or she tends to “poo-poo” your compliment by saying, “It was nothing.” In their mind, it really was nothing. It came easily and didn’t require effort. Yet, to you, for whom such a result would require a supreme effort, your response would be different. After persevering through many setbacks and wrong turns to ultimately create a something, be it a tangible widget, a relationship you value, or a character trait you long admired, then you will be very proud of your accomplishment, and rightfully so.

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