Ready. Set. Play!

    c338w rjs & booksOne of the many avenues creativity presents itself in my good friend Robin J. Smith, is through her writing. Lately she been focusing on children’s books, having written a dozen or so … check out her website~

    Shortly after she happened upon the National Institute for Play’s website she was inspired to write — in about thirty minutes — the following poem. (She told me this version is “only a first draft.” Later down the line she intends to turn it into a children’s book. Wow!)

    Professor Stuart Brown from Stanford University, had this to say, “Robin. Fun to read, inspiring, and with your permission will read it to my class, “From Play to Innovation” at Stanford. Preschool play freely allowed is the best possible leg up on life.”

    Super-dooper EXCITING!!!! So here’s a huge, loud, rambunctious round of Clapping & Cheering for my incredibly creative friend Robin and her poem, Ready. Set. Play!

    c339w hop out of bedReady. Set. Play!

    Hop out of bed at the start of each day,
    Whether 8 or 80, get ready to play!

    Yes we know there are tasks to be done,
    But make time for playing, make time for fun!

    Making shadows with rabbit ears,
    Or jokes that bring little brother to tears!

    There’s dancing and singing and acting on-stage,
    And in some circles riding trikes is all the rage!

    Whether it’s placing that last puzzle piece,
    Or watching an uncle lose to his niece —

    Play makes us healthy, happy and smart,
    Playing is sharing a part of your heart.

    So get the work done, by all means be a sport,
    But when the job’s over, just let out a snort!

    Be silly, be happy, be carefree, be kids —
    And make a great band out of Tupperware® lids!

    c340w fly a kite“Go fly a kite” isn’t necessarily mean,
    What’s the funniest kite you ever have seen?

    When given the chance to play or not play —
    What, oh what do you have to say?

    Say knock, knock, and catch me!
    Say let’s climb a tree.

    Say tag you’re it, or ally ally oxen free!
    Say, hey please come and play with me!

    Say let’s pretend it’s the Wild, Wild West,
    Say I’m a dragon on a quest.

    Yes we know there’s work and study,
    But here’s a fine puddle in which to get muddy!

    There’s a ball to kick or throw,
    And so much fun out there you know!

    When given the chance to play or not play,
    What my friend, will you say?

    Say racing is fun for everyone,
    Say catch fireflies when the day is done.

    c341w playSay find me, while I hide you seek,
    Say come and play and don’t be meek!

    Say I will be an astronaut, dancer or a moose,
    There are no rules when play cuts loose!

    Play is like a little dream,
    Where all are strong and brave and keen.

    The heroes of the world today,
    Are those who knew just how to play.

    They chased and laughed and were quite silly,
    (Some were even willy nilly!)

    And often they were heard to say,
    Whether it was night, or day,
    Let’s have fun somehow, someway,
    Ready? Set? Play!

    Disclaimer: No Tupperware® was harmed in the writing of this poem.

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    Star H. - May 4, 2016 - 6:22 pm

    Extraordinary! Thank you for sharing Robin’s poem, Tana. Make sure she protects it [copyright]. I’d love to see the book when it’s done.

    Tana Bevan - May 4, 2016 - 10:13 pm

    Star, I agree with your assessment of Robin’s poem and that it will be fun to see in book form.

    Right. Copyright. Legal stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to tend to all of that when you’re in the midst of all that creativity. Alas, it is a necessity. Appreciate the reminder. I’ll be sure to pass it on.