Really Bad Day

    Really Bad Days. They hit you like a tsunami wave. There’s no time to think, no time to react. You simply go into tunnel vision mode, and do all you can to keep from drowning.

    Positive thinking, deliberate creation, mind-over-matter, omming, and prayer will help keep the duration shorter, and the episodes further apart, but they will not prevent Really Bad Days from ever happening again.

    They’re going to happen. They always do. When they hit, the best you can do is hang on for all you’re worth while repeating over, and over, and over again, “This too shall pass. This too shall pass.”

    Though at the time it seems like the rough patch will never end, eventually it does. There comes a moment when, after hitting rock bottom, you cross the trip point from your downward slide, and then you’re on the up slope.

    Slowly you come out of it. When you reach the top, you’re exhausted. You’re shaken. You’re frustrated. You’re down on yourself because you think you did something wrong to bring it on. Be gentle with yourself, you’ve just survived an emotional ordeal.

    Even those who are heavily into controlling their fate and destiny agree, there are occasions you want (or need) to feel bad for a while. And sometimes, Stuff Happens.

    When the Really Bad Day hits, hang on and ride it out. When you come through the other side give yourself a hug for having made it through.

    As tempting as it is, refrain from either reliving, or wallowing, in the experience. Instead, move on. Go forward. Focus on strengthening your internal fortitude and resolve by practicing your positive thinking, deliberate creation, mind-over-matter, omming, or prayer. That way, not only will the Really Bad Days be further and further apart, when one comes, it will be of shorter duration.

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    Elle - July 23, 2012 - 1:28 am

    This one’s my favorite!!!!

    Tana Bevan - July 23, 2012 - 10:33 pm

    Thank you! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t have the occasional RBD? Here’s hoping it will be a very long time before you have another.