Rule of Three

    a.19c rule of three.thanksThere appears to be a Rule of Three for writing, math, computer programming, and business (among others). Since I did not find one listed, I decided today was a good day for exploring the Rule of Three as it pertains to thanks.

    My personal list of three things I am thankful for is:
    *Good things and Little Happies,
    *Magic Moments, and

    Nana Tush told me the three things she’s thankful for are:
    *Her mind still works, most days.
    *Her body only needs a little bit of coaxing to do as she asks.
    *Her spirit is strong.

    Miss Pish, dashing to the spa, overhead our conversation and insisted on sharing her three:
    *Nips & tucks,
    *Peroxide, and

    Auntie Boobie was succinct, giving me a one word reply, “Chocolate.” I asked her to please expound, as this was a Rule of Three. She then said,
    *dark chocolate,
    *milk chocolate, and
    *bitter chocolate.

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