Seven Days a Week

    Wonderful WednesdayIt’s been a rough week.

    With no desire to spew forth any woe-is-me or boo-hoo, writing was out. That left non-written communication. Since I couldn’t figure out how to sing or dance on this blog, I came up with seven Daily Doodles of the “Have a Great Day” kind.

    My original intent was to post all the doodles today, it being Wednesday (my usual posting day). However, as the need for daily encouragement is particularly strong at the moment, I decided to post a Doodle a Day for the week.

    You’ve already met Wonderful Wednesday.

    Tomorrow will be Terrific Thursday, to be followed by Fabulous Friday.

    Kicking into the weekend we’ll meet Stupendous Saturday and Smashing Sunday.

    We’ll start the work week with Marvelous Monday, and end the series with Triumphant Tuesday.

    For yea of little time, fear not. Today’s is the only post which will contain prose. The remaining six will simply be posted as doodles. A little bit of cheer to greet your day.

    Have a Great Week!

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