Smart-Phone Revisited

    c348w smartphone revisited.It’s been a few months since my flip-phone was laid to rest. And while I wouldn’t go so far as to say the smart-phone is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread or wish I’d gotten one sooner, it has a few niceties I’ve learned to enjoy.

    ~Private phone conversations. I can talk with the phone up to my ear. (The flip-phone broke so the only way to talk was on speaker. That it had a three-bar minimum volume made for some loud chats, thus lack of privacy.)

    ~Lighter purse … in theory. Books, flashlight, calendar, calculator, camera, phone, lists, memos, radio … all available inside one piece of technology.

    Now, just because it’s available doesn’t mean I’m quite there yet. Still toting around my little point and shoot digital camera, and on occasion even grab my fancy bells-and-whistles-laden digital camera which the Love of My Life (“LoML”) bestowed upon me this past birthday. lol Haven’t seen a need for the smart-phone’s microphone feature.

    Love the lists. No longer scribbled on the backs of envelopes, random papers, napkins, arm, they’re all in one place. And thanks to my techno-geek we both have access from our individual phones. (The latter assumes I hit the right buttons. Somehow I managed to set up a list which the LoML saw … only to have it disappear, never to be found.)

    ~Texting is easier because I can keep track of the conversational threads in one place. Because of the larger memory, I don’t have to continually clear out messages to avoid memory overload.

    ~Internet. Googling, you-tubing (music, yoga, how-to tutorials, even occasional movies), e-mailing. It’s all conveniently there at my fingertips. (As for Netflix, this cartoon says it all. Haha)

    overwhelmedThat said, I still haven’t figured out how to post or reply to comments on a post, hence the delay on the latter. (I still need a computer for that.).

    I am grateful emails don’t seem as overwhelming to deal with

    ~Timer. Flip had an alarm, though no timer. Timer’s great for yoga practice, bread baking, hard-boiled egg making and giving the LoML spells of quiet.

    A few things I see myself incorporating into use (at my mosey and meander Island Time pace) include:

    *Calendar. Living on Island Time I don’t have pressing appointments, but it would be nice to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

    *Skype. While chit-chatting with good friends is always nice, doing so over a cup of tea (or coffee) is even nicer. If we can’t be in the same place, Skype sounds (in theory) like a possible alternate.

    So while I didn’t go looking for a smart-phone, it does have some advantages. Here’s a question for you: Is there a particular feature (or two or three) you really like about your smart-phone, be it Android or i-phone?

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