Tale of Making a “Pot”

    I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on. ~ Charles Emerson Winchester, III (M*A*S*H)

    Since my early 20s I’ve been making a delicious edible called Mung Beans and Rice. The recipe comes from a book written by Yogi Bhajan. When the Love of My Life and I came together, he was retired while I worked full-time. Knowing how much I enjoyed this, he’d make me a large pot following the recipe … to the letter. I’m more laid back when it comes to cooking. Over time this recipe has evolved. I now call it “making a Pot.” Said Pot includes legumes (favorites are mung beans or lentils), rice, vegetables and spices. It keeps well. Is transportable. (We even made a batch or two during our cross-country trek.) Tastes great. (Admittedly some Pots are tastier than others, but never have I had to toss a Pot for being inedible. lol)

    The LoML subscribes to the above quote. I don’t. Case in point is this tale of the most recent Pot I made. On that fateful day, I …

    ~Woke up
    ~Decided to make a Pot.
    ~Went to the bathroom.
    ~Noted we were low on sea water. (Used when possible to conserve fresh water.)
    ~Headed towards gangway.

    ~Noticed the LoML chilling on settee. (He generally wakes up 2-4 hours before me. That day was a planned day of rest for him … with no projects!)
    ~Decided to spend time with him.

    ~Remembered to check fridge as it had been defrosting overnight.
    ~Removed items.
    ~Thumped cold plate to rid it of ice hidden in back. (LoML had taken care of ice in front of plate.)
    ~Wiped up fridge bottom.
    ~Replaced items.
    ~Continued to settee to visit with the LoML.

    ~Made it up the gangway into the pit.
    ~Noticed it was warm.
    ~Opened the pit to allow air-flow.

    ~Filled the seawater “bucket.” (After three buckets lost their handles, the LoML created a makeshift bucket by cutting down a gallon jug and attaching a rope to it. It’s still going strong a year later. Go figure!)
    ~Poured seawater into household “jug.”
    ~Noticed bird poop on the cabin top.
    ~Fetched deck scrub brush.
    ~Filled seawater “bucket” multiple times to wash off cabin top and environs.
    ~Filled final time and tied into position on aft deck.
    ~Brought full “household jug” below deck.

    ~Noticed cabin was warm.
    ~Opened stern hatch.
    ~Opened mid-hatches.

    ~When the LoML went topside following his attempted-mid-morning nap, I opened the forward hatch.
    ~I placed the pillows topside (through the hatch) to air.
    ~Made the bed.
    ~Realized I was hungry.

    ~Washed the dishes. (A F-I-Q [foible-ism-quirk] of mine — having a clean kitchen before cooking.)
    ~Scrounged. (As we were coming up on our monthly restock, provisions were sparse.)
    ~Decided on bread (homemade sourdough) with sesame butter (aka “tehini”).
    ~Opened last jar.
    ~Dumped into bowl.
    ~Stirred to mix in the separated oil.
    ~Realized sesame nut-butter balls (another edible I’ve been making for years) would be a treat.
    ~Poured some of the tehini back in its jar.
    ~To the remainder in the bowl I added powdered milk and honey.
    ~Rolled into bite-size balls and refrigerated.

    ~Washed dishes.
    ~Realized (1) I still hadn’t begun Pot and (2) was still hungry.
    ~Laughing at self, I decided to memorialize “making today’s Pot.” Hahaha
    ~Wrote in a notebook (to be transcribed later).

    ~Got up to get Pot fixings.
    ~Noticed the LoML’s beverages needed refilling.
    ~Refilled them.
    ~Reached to refill my water bottle. Noticed it needed cleaning.
    ~Cleaned water bottle.
    ~Added this little escapade to notebook.
    ~Filled my water bottle.

    ~Grabbed the cooking pot.
    ~Noticed I missed a hatch.
    ~Went topside to open, taking with me: (1) dish towel to hang up to dry, (2) water bottle to stay hydrated and (3) first batch of vegies to chop for Pot.
    ~Hung towel.
    ~Opened hatch.
    ~Began chopping.

    ~Wind kicked in and temperature dropped so I zipped below deck for fleece jacket and headband.
    ~I grabbed phone and earphones.
    ~Went back topside to continue chopping while listening to recorded book. (The first Agatha Raisin mystery.)
    ~Finished chopping.

    ~Returned below deck to sit with the LoML while he ate.
    ~Hooked self into TENS unit. (Lower back was being a buggar butt.)
    ~Checked lentils for stones.
    ~Put lentils into pot.
    ~Added spices.
    ~Added water.

    ~Realized — again — I was still hungry and now tired as well.
    ~Fixed food, finally! (Slice of homemade sourdough bread, homemade cultured buttermilk, homemade peanut butter balls and a banana.)
    ~Joined the LoML for an afternoon nap.
    ~Got up.
    ~Cooked the Pot. Finally. And it was still daylight!!!!! *smiles*

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