Techno Wind-Down ~ Flickr Phase One

    My first Illustration Friday submission. The August 15, 2014 topic was “Journey.”

    My beginnings with computers and technology was simple enough. I was given an old computer. A Mac IIci if memory serves. Then, somehow, before I knew what had happened, there were four computers in the house–two Macs, two PCs. There were also a couple/few PDAs (remember Palm Zire anyone?), some i-pods, various mobile phones and other techno-gadgetry. Part of this was brought on by my then techno-teen who both embraced the phenomenon and adapted easily. (Often I’d wind up with her left-overs/hand-me-downs as she upgraded..)

    Somewhere in this mix, I was encouraged to join the social media train. Not having a clue as to what that was about (techno-teen attempted to explain, but my techno-challenged mind couldn’t quite wrap my head around the concept) I followed instructions. Not so much from techno-teen who quickly realized my limitations, but from other well-meaning persons who thought to help.

    Fast forward many years. Being comfortable enough in my technologically-challenged state to realize (and accept) that for me, a little bit of cyber goes a long way, I have taken on the task of identifying the various techno things I am signed up for. My intent is winnowing their number and closing them out. (With two pages of typewritten user names and passwords for these various entities, the whole situation is way out of hand.) The first is my Flickr account (originally set up to showcase doodle-togs.)

    I view this as another small step towards decluttering and simplifying my life. (One would think living on a 45-foot sailboat would mandate both those, but this post just goes to show that the cyber/techno stuff is sneaky and insidious. *smiles*)

    Rather than completely delete the doodle-togs from cyberspace, I’ve posted some below. (Others will be posted during the next little bit.) Enjoy!

    Turkish Coffee Day ~
    Some days are. This photograph is what started me on the path of doodled-photogs. My darlin’ (as in daughter), sent it to me. As soon as I saw the photo, I saw the doodle standing there … just as she is now.


    Tower-ish ~
    This doodle shares a sense of Happy with both Short Rays and Long Rays. Its tentacles favor Long Rays, while its shape & face are its own. I love how my daughter captured the sunset’s reflection on the building.


    Short Sun Rays ~
    This doodle shares its face and shape with Long Rays, while its short rays are its own. Again, I love the sunset’s reflection.


    Long Sun Rays ~
    When my daughter sent me this photo of a sunset reflected off a building, I was enchanted. I wanted to see how much (if at all), slightly different doodles would affect the “flavor” of the photograph. They do. This one shares the sun shape & face w/ Short Rays, and the long rays with Tower-ish.


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