Techno Wind-Down ~ Flickr_02

    Going through the doodle-togs from the now-closed Flickr account, I noted I’d written captions for each photo. A bit of history. A bit of story. A bit of something which, in my opinion, added another layer of richness to the doodle-tog experience. I’d forgotten.. (Something I do with regularity … the forgetting. *lol*) In one of those “ah-hah” moments I realized I can add captions to my Instagram postings — above and beyond the cryptic ones I’ve used to date. Another Good Thing and Little Happy added to my collection. Enjoy a few more doodle-togs from my defunct Flickr account.

    Claim Your Inner Light
    Good to compare. Now I know. When it comes to doodled photogs, they enhance one another. Add words well, three’s a crowd.



    Claim Your Inner Light~No Text
    Comparing the text & non-text image side-by-side, I vote no text.
    Daughter took the photo. I’m the doodler.



    Rainbow Sandwich Board
    This beer related sandwich board photo sent by my daughter inspired the addition of beer drinkers and beer steins~all of the doodled type.



    Frolicking Dolphins
    The nice thing about living by the ocean … lots of opportunities for ocean-type photos. Photo taken by my daughter, doodles added by me.



    Photo sent to me by my daughter. Possibly early a.m. in LA The song “Stop in the Name of Love” inspired the doodle.


    The photograph was originally a cloudscape (courtesy of my daughter). I Photoshoped it into its present form, then overlayed the rocker.




    Doves inspire hope. This open-road cloudscape from my daughter seemed a good match.


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    IR - May 29, 2017 - 10:08 pm

    Beautiful <3

    Tana Bevan - May 30, 2017 - 4:24 pm