The Best “You” You Can Be

    c.114w Best You

    You hit the send button and there it is, only you’re too late to stop it. You see the typo and there’s not a thing you can do. It’ll be out there in cyberspace for all eternity. You ran spell check, you proofed it, you did that time and time again, and yet you still missed. Arggg!

    Do you hang your head in shame?

    Do you cuss like a sailor and beat yourself up?

    Do you rant and rave?

    Or, after you’ve done all of the above, do you simply decide you can do better since there’s room for improvement?

    Turns out even when you type it out first, run spell check, and print out a copy to proof, you can still err.

    Erring is part of being human. Of course, so is beating yourself up over errors, forgiving yourself for erring, moving forward, learning from your mistake, and setting goals to keep improving. Once again, the variables are the attitude and action you choose.

    In a perfect world with perfect people your work — and you — would ALWAYS go forth without typos, mistakes, or other imperfections. Alas the world is imperfect, as are you. On good days you accept imperfection, even as you strive to make today better than yesterday. On not-so-good days you remind yourself, “good is good enough,” and a better day is coming.

    In the end, what is do-able and obtainable is approaching each day with the attitude and desire of being the best “You,” you can be.

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