The Chicken or The Egg somewhere.etcOur Roving Reporter interviewed Auntie Boobie who is rumored to have a solid lead in the case of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    Roving Reporter: Rumor has it you know which came first, the Chicken or the Egg.
    Auntie Boobie: Not true.
    RR: Excuse me. I misspoke. Rumor has it you know who does.
    AB: Yes.
    RR: Who.
    AB: Nobody knows.
    RR: Nobody?
    AB: Correct.
    RR: Have you ever met Nobody?
    AB: Yes.
    RR: Where might I find Nobody?
    IRB Around.
    RR: Around what?
    AB: She Gets Around.
    RR: Why does she need to Get Around?
    AB: How else will she get to where she needs to go if not Around?
    RR: Is that decent?
    AB: Of course. Besides, have you ever heard of Getting a Square to go from place to place?
    RR: No.
    AB: Or Getting a Cube?
    RR: Nor a cube.
    AB: Most assuredly not a Triangle?
    RR: No Triangles.
    AB: Well then, she Gets Around.
    RR: Can I Get Around?
    AB: I don’t know what you can or cannot get.
    RR: Perhaps if I ask the question in another way?
    AB: Perhaps.
    RR: Where might Nobody be?
    AB: Nobody might be Anywhere.
    RR: Might be? Is she?
    AB: Well, if not Anywhere, then certainly Somewhere.
    RR: And where might Somewhere be?
    AB: Somewhere might be and usually is Everywhere.
    RR: How will I recognize Nobody when I find her Somewhere (or is it Anywhere or Everywhere)?
    AB: You need a Clue.
    RR: A Clue?
    AB: Yes. But alas I haven’t.
    RR: Haven’t what?
    AB: I haven’t a Clue.
    RR: Do you have a Guess?
    AB: Out of those as well.
    RR: Even if you don’t have a Guess, would you be willing to take a Guess?
    AB: It is very rude to take without asking … However, if I were to take a Guess, I’d say Nobody looks like Somebody.
    RR: And Somebody?
    AB: Somebody definitely resembles Anybody.
    RR: Does Anybody look like Nobody?
    AB: Oh no! Anybody favors Everybody. It’s Everybody who resembles Nobody.
    RR: Got it. And since Nobody will be Around, I needn’t look in any corners or square places?
    AB: Correct.
    RR: And Nobody’s Around Everywhere?
    AB: Or Around Somewhere.
    RR: Or Around Anywhere?
    AB: Yes. You realize though there’s one place Nobody’s not Around.
    RR: Where’s that?
    AB: Nowhere.
    RR: What’s Nowhere?
    AB: I don’t know anything about What, but I do know Nobody’s Around can’t be Nowhere.
    RR: Let me make sure I have this right. For the answer to my question I’m looking for Nobody, whom you guess Somebody looks like, Everybody resembles and Anybody favors. I’m to search Somewhere, Everywhere and Anywhere while avoiding Nowhere.
    AB: Correct.
    RR: Thank you.
    AB: You’re welcome.

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