The Doodle Revolution

    g.72c doodles are coming

    In the 17th century a doodle was a simpleton or fool. (Think Yankee Doodle.)

    The 18th century saw doodle meaning to swindle, ridicule, or make fun of another person.

    The 19th century’s definition of doodle evolved to mean a corrupt politician.

    By the 20th Century doodle had acquired many unflattering definitions including: to dawdle, dilly dally, monkey around, do something of little value, substance, or of import, make meaningless marks, or the most insulting — spend or kill time idly!

    It is time for doodlers to rise and say “enough!” Enough maligning of this magnificent and useful tool! The time has come to rectify this doodle trashing and see that doodles are given the place of honor and esteem they deserve.

    The Doodle Revolution, with its leader Sunni Brown, is front and center. Not only do she and hers go forth teaching the value of doodles and doodling, she is pursuing a change in the Oxford Dictionary. She will not rest until that revered tome revises its definition of doodle to mean, “to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.”

    Fellow doodlers, let us clap and cheer as we support the cause — in-between doodling of course.

    Thank you Eva of for forwarding me the link to Sunni Brown’s talk on doodles


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