The Power of Love

    h.21bw heart flower_unconditional loveA lot can be said and is said (as well as written, spoken, and sung) about love. Contrary to popular belief, love’s power isn’t in its reciprocation (though unrequited love is a popular theme), rather in how it makes you feel. Love gives you a strength and a courage to do more than you ever imagined.

    Here are some words dedicated to, honoring, and celebrating that amazing power of love.


    Because of you I wake up able to face another day. A day in which the sun may or may not shine, things may or may not go my way, my thoughts may or may not connect, but it’s another day in which I can love you.

    Because of you the world is a much nicer place. Because you are here. And you are you.

    Because loving you gives me courage I can move beyond the fear to accept life as worth living, even when that seems the most courageous act of all.

    Because of you I get up each time I fall. Even when I don’t want to and it hurts like hell.

    Because of you I believe goodness will prevail, so I keep moving forward even when I want to step aside to let life pass on by.

    Because of you I’m willing to love, even when it’s a one-way street, and be loved even when undeserving (and not very likable).

    Because of you I value effort. Striving to be the best I can, to see how far I can reach. To succeed.

    Because of you I have learned to trust, though it leaves me vulnerable. Sometimes lonely. And sometimes scared.

    Because of you the sum of my parts is a potent, vibrant, passionate whole. I am centered. I am grounded.

    Because of you I go to sleep every night knowing the sun may or may not have shone, things may or may not have gone my way, my thoughts may or may not have connected, but it was another day in which I could love you.

    And I do.

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