The Power To Pick And Choose

    c347w card rackWe do have the power to pick and choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world. ~ Jill Bolte Taylor

    My friend Robin J. Smith (mentioned in the post Ready. Set. Play.) receives daily quotes of the encouraging/thought provoking/worthy-of-mulling over kind. Forwarding the above, she wrote:

    “Oh I hope so…. but do we really? So many things are walls … make a living, then keep making a living! healthy or sick? brave or fearful? now or later? Everyone knows I feel stuck [where she works] … others feel stuck at different workplaces or different circumstances beyond their control. I say if you can’t change the big things now, change little things — get practice, and over time, change the big things… I want to change so much!

    What about you all?”


    My reply:
    Fabulous sentiment, but the minute you take on responsibility for another, then it’s not quite so simple. Having been reduced to living with child in a garage while I tried to get my bearings is a case in point.

    Being tied and/or committed to others also makes it a bit more difficult to balance. Not impossible, just requires concerted effort. That’s the external stuff. I think we can always work on the internal stuff, our attitude, how we view things even when dealing with the da- to-day.

    I know one of the things I’m working on at present is working through various fears that I find hinder me.

    Those are initial thoughts. This quote warrants more mulling. Thanks for the share.

    PS: Gotta go drop the sails and start the motor so we can head back to the marina.

    Robin’s rebuttal:
    “Gotta go drop the sails and start the motor so we can head back to the marina,” that line says it all, on how much you were able to change!

    My reaction:
    I did a double take. Hadn’t really thought about where I was (on any level). I tend to focus on how much further I have to go. How much more I have to do. How slow I am. Yada. Yada. Yada. But the bottom line is that we really do have the power to pick and choose, each and every moment. And it’s the culmination of those moments — the small, simple, quiet and seemingly inconsequential decisions we make — which actually shape our lives.

    c.348w lizzie velasquezIt’s obvious from the following two quotes by Lizzie Velasquez (mentioned in my Screw What Others Think post), she is a woman who consciously picks and chooses regularly.

    “We actually do have two options in life. We can either decide to feel sorry for ourselves and throw the biggest pity party in the world and just be stuck in it — or there’s this whole other side with everything that we do have in our lives.”

    “We can say I do have this and I do have that, instead of I wish I had that or comparing yourself to other people.”

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    kath unsworth - August 10, 2016 - 4:57 pm

    Tana Im all for getting stuck into it. There are days I feel flat and life seems to dump stuff and the best thing I do is go for a walk and do some art. This always helps. Life is too short to sit around having those pity party’s and so I comment to myself about the good things in my life and stop wishing for more. Have a wonderful day.

    Tana Bevan - September 1, 2016 - 10:04 pm

    Kath~There is something about being creative, allowing yourself and your Muse to make something from nothing that’s energizing. It contributes to a great sense of well being. I’m glad you’re permitting yourself more and more of that in your life. Happy creating!