The Rich and Famous, Revisited

    c.26 unrich & unfamous

    Post contributed by Nana Tush.

    Rather than envy the Rich and Famous, embrace the upside of being Unrich and Unfamous. To begin with, you have plenty of company, as there are lots more of you. Also,

    You can:
    * Come and go freely (no paparazzi).
    * Wear the same outfit more than once, even two days in a row.
    * Maintain your anonymity.
    * Pursue your autonomy.

    No one cares
    *if your panty line shows,
    *you are a devotee of trashy novels or campy movies,
    *you proudly shop the blue light specials, or
    *you gleefully peruse the thrift stores.

    Rest assured
    *What spews forth from your mouth will not be the subject of intense debate.
    * Your bad-hair days will not be fodder for late night television monologues.
    * You will not be asked to endorse products or candidates.

    You’ll never have to worry about
    * making or staying on the A-List,
    *juggling your offshore accounts, or
    *your less-than-flattering moments coming to you “live at 11” or going viral.

    Think of the wonderful “No”s.
    *No bodyguards required.
    *No cramping from signing too many autographs.
    *No losing sleep over Market volatility.
    *No fashion police waiting to ambush you.

    And finally, think of the wonderful “Yes”s
    *Dining out in peace (no autograph seekers).
    *Being politically incorrect.
    *Being free to be yourself.

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