The Tortoise and Hare Revisited

    a.58 tortoise & harePost contributed by Nana Tush.

    I never found comfort in Aesop’s Tortoise and Hare fable. I believe it was conceit that caused Hare to lose.

    Slow and steady will get you from Point A to Point B, eventually. It does not win races.

    Discounting natural ability, training, conditioning, etc., it is by leaving your conceit at the starting point you have an edge to winning the race.

    Hare should have won as he was the faster of the two. He got cocky. He felt he didn’t have to put forth effort. He made some ill-advised choices. He lost.

    Had Hare waited until he was on the other side of the finish line before taking his nap, he would have been well-rested by the time Tortoise came plodding in.

    If you are in a race and are able, be like the Hare and zip along at top speed. (Just remember to park your conceit at the starting point.)

    If your purpose is to reach a certain destination, and you are not wired to move fast like Hare, accept your tortoise-ness, and move slowly. By remaining focused and moving methodically you will reach your destination, sooner or later.

    To encourage those of tortoise-ness, the Chinese have a wonderful saying, “Don’t be afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still.”

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