The Unique Soul

    Post contributed by Auntie Boobie.

    c.32 coming or going




    My soul is totally unique. It is the core of my being. It is what makes me uniquely me compared to all the other unique “me”s in the world. After all, if I weren’t me, myself, and I, I’d be someone else. And, if there were two of us, things could get very confusing.

    *How would I know whether I were coming or going?
    *If I were coming, would the other “me” being going?
    *If I started a thought, would the other finish it?
    *Would I even know if a thought were mine?
    *If my “me” were really shared with someone else, could that someone else move me about as they moved themselves about?
    *If there were more than the two of us…? That’s simply too confusing to contemplate.

    It’s a good thing each of us is unique.

    Here’s to celebrating the uniqueness of your soul, that which makes you, yourself, and you a one-of-a-kind person. Long live your happy, healthy, vibrant — and unique — soul!

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