Three Reasons for Setting a Goal

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    There are three excellent reasons for setting a goal. A goal gives you:

    1. a Purpose,

    2. a sense of Direction, and

    3. acts as a Filter.

    Until you have a Purpose for any action you take, you won’t move. That’s true whether you’re creating a new widget, finding a tag line for your blog, training for a marathon, or getting out of bed in the morning.

    Once you have your Purpose, which motivates action, you choose a Direction. For example, when getting out of bed in the morning, do you want to get out on the left side or the right? Do you want to immediately roll out of bed or stretch first?

    Your third step is using your goal as a Filter to maintain your focus. Your filter enables you to quickly sift through all the daily onslaught of sensory and data input. If your goal is to get out of bed, you’re not going to go back to sleep. If your goal is to write a blog in which you share your insights and experiences of participating on archeological digs, you’ll forego writing about parenting identical twins.

    The process you unconsciously go through in achieving your goal of getting out of bed is the same three-step process that can get your blog up and running, create a wonderful widget, or have you training for a marathon.

    The fun part of the process is it’s fluidity.

    Say your original goal was to find an It for your blog. Once you had your It, you would create a tag line. That would give your blog its direction. As you went about your day-to-day activities, you’d keep your focus on maintaining your blog’s direction by filtering through all the stimuli. By doing that, you discovered a passion for doodling. You would then either choose to incorporate doodling into your blog’s It, or make doodling your It. Either way you’d see where it took you. It could be an end in itself, or a means to an end, to be revealed in the future.

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