Thrift Stores

    c.100w thrift storeWho’da’thunk life lessons could be found in a thrift store?

    Thrift stores allow you to practice living in the moment. Approach thrift store shopping with the wonderment of a child. Anticipation and excitement reign. By approaching life without preconceived notions and expectations, you’re open to wonders you might not have otherwise encountered.

    Thrift stores let you to practice your “taking a chance” skills. This is great if you have a hard time doing something new because you’re so worried you “won’t do it right,” you never relax enough to enjoy yourself. Since most items are used, you needn’t feel reluctant to mark its pristine condition (assuming it is pristine). Being relaxed around “things” puts them in perspective. Reminds you “things” deserve maintenance so they serve you well (getting your car regularly tuned and maintained), but never at the cost of yourself (such as cutting corners on food or medical treatment).

    You can lose yourself in thrift stores. Though common courtesy is always appreciated, there’s not a rigid set of rules you “need to,” “ought to,” “shoulda,” or “have to” follow. There just “is.” Enjoy the steadiness of being in the moment.

    Thrift stores are fun. People seem more relaxed. (Which proves both entertaining and disquieting, depending on their behavior.) You wonder around, looking at things you wouldn’t normally look at. You try to figure out what a whatchmacallit is. You might even walk around with a doodad for a while. Sometimes that’s enough and you leave it. Sometimes you bring it home, “just because.” (“Just because” can be reason enough to try something new in life.)

    Thrift stores let you practice the “Trust the Universe” concept when the doodad you feel a connection to and/or really want, is more than you feel it’s worth (or can afford). If you’re meant to have it, it’ll be there next time (and marked down). If not, it wasn’t “meant to be.”

    Sometimes you hit pay dirt and find all sorts of incredible, wonderful things at fabulous prices. Other times there’s nothing to be had. Some days your life will be rich, full, and exciting with the new and different, others the same-old, same-old. Together they weave the tapestry of your life.

    For some, thrift stores offer an adventure in the hunt. For others, they’re a necessity and a way to stretch limited financial resources. In life there are those who have to the means to embrace everything they desire. For others, picking and choosing is required.

    Thrift stores allow you to tune into your Little Voice. Does the object you just touched resonate? Your Little Voice will serve you well in life. Anything you can do to strengthen it benefits you.

    What if you change your mind about something you brought home? You can always pass it on or donate it back. And in life if you decide you no longer like the path you’re on, you can usually get to another.

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    Heewon Azad - March 6, 2013 - 8:30 am

    I also get so much fun finding so unexpected. It gives me pleasure to let myself loose for an hour.

    There were times I went to thrifty store to get stuff for my ever growing children. Those times, I went with different attitude.

    Now, I go with anticipation of finding something fun.

    Tana Bevan - March 6, 2013 - 8:07 pm

    I hear ya! Another thing that’s fun is when you find something and you have no idea what it is, then you walk around asking people if they know. Unless they actually know for certain, you can get some pretty wild guesses.