Wall of Love

    c.77 wall of love

    How about,

    instead of building a wall around yourself to keep others from getting in (and able to hurt you), or

    a wall around your heart and feelings so they can’t escape and leave you vulnerable to hurt, or

    a wall around your thoughts, dreams and desires because you shared them once (or more) with someone who threw them back in your face or stomped on them (and hurt you),

    you create a Wall of Love.

    Your Wall of Love could be made up of cards and notes given you by friends and family. When you faced the wall, you’d draw strength from seeing all those tokens of love. When your back was up against a wall, imagine the courage and strength you would gain if it was a Wall of Love watching your back.

    A Wall of Love is solid because true love is an unconditional, “the world is a better place because you are here” kind of love given (and received) between two people who care about one another — be they friends, co-workers, extended family, or immediate family. Unconditional love is steadfast and strong.

    There is definitely a time and place for tearing down walls and barriers. There is also a time and place for building walls, particularly Walls of Love.

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