When Everything Matters, Nothing Really Does

    Contributed by Nana Tush.

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    A child never given his desires is just as crippled as the child given all his or her desires.

    Children receiving accolades and commendations only because they showed up in body — regardless of their efforts, passions, and abilities — never learn to strive for excellence.

    For accomplishment to be of value, it must be based on merit. Accomplishment can be warranted for simply “being,” provided you really are. That means your senses must be engaged, you pulsate with energy, are “alive” in the moment, and give your all to the task at hand. If only your body is there along with a bad attitude, there is no accomplishment, and accolades are not deserved.

    Be honest with yourself. Judging yourself by the standards of someone’s else’s abilities only hurts you. Ditto allowing others to judge you by another’s abilities. This is about you and your “all.” If you choose to skate by with minimum effort, you short-change yourself and your potential.

    Rather than expending energy keeping up with the Joneses or the latest fads, permit yourself the luxury of discovering and claiming your own values. That which you find of import and are passionate about. Doing this makes it easier for you to react when something crosses your path. You will know whether to pick it up to carry with you, or simply continue on your way.

    When everything matters, nothing really does. Having the ability to focus on, embrace, and revel in the things that matter to you is what fills your life with joy.

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