When in Doubt

    d.39 when in doubt, doodle

    How does anyone ever rest when in Doubt?

    When in Doubt you’re supposed to be singing loud, screaming, shouting, running in circles, and doing something. You are also to tell the truth, wear red, do it, and don’t. You are presumed to be routing, exchanging, punting, taking more time, throwing it out, and doing without. Finally, you are encouraged to make a fool of yourself, remain silent, and doodle. Whew!

    Doodling is a happy, creative outlet. It requires no special tools and can be done most anywhere at anytime, and on any surface.

    You can doodle when nervous, bored, standing in line, sitting in class, attending a business meeting, or waiting for a friend. You can as easily doodle while waiting in the carpool lane to pick up your kidlings as you can while flying first-class on the Concord.

    With its seemingly endless possibilities, doodling may be the closest thing there is to a true one-size-fits-all.

    You can doodle on wood, rock, paper, scissors, yourself, your friends, and your clothes.

    You can doodle using pens, pencils, charcoal, crayons, paints, highlighters.

    You can doodle with an Etch-a-Sketch and on a computer.

    You can doodle in monochrome or color.

    You can make happy, cheerful doodles.

    You can make dark, dense doodles.

    So remember, no matter where you are, be it in Doubt, at Loose Ends, Out-and-About, or Anywhere Else, doodle!

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