Where Are You Living?

    c.50.ai joy or fearOnce upon a time there lived a girl who was afraid to dream. She lived in fear. She was afraid of being different and of her own mind, desires, and passions. She was so stuck in a web of fear she never did much of anything. One day she woke up as if from a dream — a nightmare really. She was an old woman. Her life had passed while she was busy fearing things that never happened. Looking back, she saw bleakness and desolation. She was sad.

    Once upon a time there lived a girl who loved to dream. She lived in joy. She was full of excitement and wonder with each new day. She relished and embraced new experiences. She kept trying new things, even after occasionally stubbing her toes. One day she woke up and realized she was an old woman. Looking back on her life she saw richness and fulfilment. She was glad.

    Where are you living?

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