World Saunter Day world saunter day

    M.T. Rabe of Mackinac Island, Michigan is credited with making June 19 World Sauntering Day. It was his response to the rush and focus of power walking, trotting, jogging, running, and zipping along.

    The day is dedicated to reviving the art of sauntering, of walking along at a leisurely pace. You move slowly from Point X to Point Z, without caring where you’re going, how you’re going, or when you get there. You are giving yourself the luxury of simple enjoyment.

    The official rules for sauntering are: wear comfortable clothing and never saunter with either a small dog or one too large to carry in your arms.

    Taking the day’s premise one step further, go ahead and saunter throughout your day.

    If you’re a hard-core Type A, multi-tasker, do only three things at once instead of your usual four or five.

    If you generally do two or three things at once, do one thing at a time.

    If you generally do one thing at a time, allow yourself the experience of mindfulness, of activating your sense and noticing with attention and awareness what you’re doing.

    The counterpoint to moving fast enough to get your cardio-vascular system up and pumping (jogging) is moving slow (sauntering).

    While sauntering along at a leisurely pace, you’ll have time to enjoy your thoughts, examine them, mull them over, watch them rise and ebb with the slow stride of your footsteps.

    Just for today, allow yourself a respite from zipping and zooming, give yourself a break from rushing to and fro, grant yourself the luxury of sauntering through the day.

    For those of you who shy away from sauntering, you may mosey and meander.

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