Yes. No. Perhaps.

    c.39 or yes. or noPossibly yes. Possibly No. The certainty is perhaps. ~ Auntie Boobie

    One interpretation you can give is there is no need for you to ever try. After all, nothing is certain and the only guarantee existing from the instant of conception is the ultimate demise of your physical body.

    If your outlook is a more optimistic you will not find that point of view morbid, rather a great release. You will feel free to cease worrying about the inevitable. For the duration you will focus on creating — and extrapolating — as much joy as possible from your life.

    Another interpretation you can give is, if you can dream it there is a chance you can achieve it. So long as there is a chance, you can go after it. If you manage to remain focused on your pursuit while simultaneously being open to any divergent paths that appear, you have an excellent chance of reaching the destination you imagined, or finding yourself in a location you hadn’t imagined, but once there discover is perfect for you. Since either way you’ll find yourself in a good place you might as well pursue it. After all, that’s the only way you’ll know for sure.

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